Three Sea's Fish & Lobster


Colby hauling Traps with his Father Chris


Our Vision


To provide our community with access to fresh and local fish, direct from the boat when possible. 

Santana with Cody Nunan

Colby and Santana started Three Sea's in March of 2020. During the beginning of the Pandemic, when Lobster Prices become astonishingly low, Colby & Santana started direct selling Lobster off the boat to consumers, to help support Colby's Dad Chris Nunan, and Santana's Fiancé  Cody Nunan. During this time, they both found passion in selling Lobsters Direct, and when a Lease in Kennebunkport became available, they jumped on it.  

Formerly Sanborn's Lobster & Veggies, was a coincidence, as Colby worked for Roberta at Sanborn's for 5 years as a child. Colby & Santana renamed the Business to Three Sea's Fish and Lobster. The Three Sea's are the three Nunan kids; Cody, Colby, & Chelsea. The Nunan's Mom, Melanie always used  to  call  them "Her Three Sea's" and they all take part in the store, by either working at the store, or supplying the store with fresh fish and lobster.